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Expert Watch Repair for Pittsford and Rochester, NY Area


Breathe New Life into Your Favorite Timepieces Today

Watches combine fashion and function, making them beloved jewelry items for both men and women. No matter how careful you may be with your watch, they often see a lot of wear-and-tear when worn daily. Whether your watch’s battery has stopped ticking, or you need the band replaced, Forsythe Jewelers specializes in watch repair for the Pittsford and Rochester, NY area. For three generations, our jewelers have breathed new life into New York’s favorite timepieces. Whatever type of watch you bring to us, you can rest assured we’ll treat it lovingly. From brand-new luxury wristwatches to vintage pocket watches that have been passed down in your family, there’s nothing we can’t fix. Please contact our store today to request a watch repair estimate or to schedule an appointment for our services!

Automatic and Quartz Watch Repair for New York Enthusiasts

At Forsythe Jewelers, you might say preserving timepieces is in our blood. In 1927, local watchmaker Clifton S. Forsythe founded our business. Today, our store still offers automatic and quartz watch repair for Pittsford and Rochester, NY, including all of the following services:

  • Watch battery replacement
  • Watchband resizing and replacement
  • Watch replacement crystals
  • Watch dial, band, or case refinishing
  • Stem and crown repair and replacement
  • Addition or removal of existing links
  • Watch cleaning, polishing, and refurbishment
  • Vintage watch restoration
  • Pressure testing to see if your watch is waterproof

How Long Do Watch Repairs and Restorations Take at Forsythe?

Due to the intricate mechanisms found within a watch, their repair is best left in the hands of a qualified professional. How long your watch repair or restoration will take at Forsythe Jewelers depends on what it needs to have done. Quality watch repairs often take time to take apart the watch to examine it, repair it, and then reassemble it, so it runs as good as new again. As such, we ask that you be patient with us. Top luxury watch brands we’re experienced with include Rolex, Cartier, Seiko, Tudor, TAG Heuer, Piaget, Patek Philippe, Swatch, and Zenith. Should you have a watch brand not listed here, feel free to give us a call, as we’re familiar with many current and vintage brands that were discontinued.

Watch Appraisal to Help You Determine Your Watch’s Value

Our experienced jewelers at Forsythe Jewelers are skilled in watch repair, restoration, and appraisal to help you determine your watch’s value. More often than not, we have customers come in with mystery watches they’ve found among estate jewelry or ones that have been tucked away in a drawer and since forgotten. Factors affecting a watch’s value include its age, condition, and maker. You can usually tell the maker of a watch by looking at the stamp found on its dial. There should also be a serial number engraved on the watch’s case. Once you know the watch’s brand, you may be able to find more information about it on the Internet. Determining the value of the watch is essential to deciding how much is reasonable to spend on its repair or restoration, as some watches may cost more to restore than they’re worth (unless they have special sentimental value, on which you can’t put a price tag).

Need a Family Heirloom or Watch Restoration in New York?

Passing down watches from generation to generation is a time-honored tradition dating back centuries. It’s a rite of passage steeped in teaching responsibility, as each new generation must learn to preserve the watch for the next. These cherished timepieces aren’t always luxury items. Anything can become a family heirloom as long as it has emotional value to your family. If you have an old watch in need of restoration or repair, Forsythe Jewelers can help you ensure it stays ticking for many years to come. For three generations, the Forsythe family has provided expert watch repair and restoration for Pittsford and Rochester, NY families. Please contact us today to inquire about our watch restoration services!