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Pittsford’s Signature Gemstone Replacement Store

You love your jewelry but over time it’s subject to a significant amount of wear and tear. When this occurs, you risk your favorite jewelry pieces degrading and even losing the valuable gemstones that are set in it. We offer expert stone replacements and repairs that can secure those gemstones without compromising the aesthetic beauty and style of the ring or jewelry piece. We can quickly assess and inspect your jewelry, thoroughly clean and shine it, and strengthen any setting to correctly display your gemstones without risking the piece’s stability and structure. Our JISO-certified jewelers have over 90 years of combined experience, and we stand behind our work. Contact or visit us today for an expert stone replacement or repair.

The stone replacement process

Whether you’re looking to have a new gemstone put into a ring or need an old stone better secured on a jewelry piece, we’ll ensure your jewelry’s features are protected and its natural shape, sheen, and value are maintained. Our stone replacement process begins with cleaning the piece to ensure there’s no additional damage that needs attention and repair. Next, we’ll find a gemstone that matches the value, cut, color, and size of the other gems in your piece. We’ll then set it into place, paying special attention to match the style and materials used in your jewelry item. Finally, we’ll repair or replace any beads, prongs, or any other part of the settings to ensure that the new stone is secured. We pride ourselves on quick and meticulous work, and we’re happy to accommodate any special request. Connect with us today for more information.

Matching and resetting stones

Occasionally, when restoring a jewelry piece or ring, we find a gemstone needs to be replaced, or a new stone needs to be set. We take pride in our ability to find the right gemstone for this, and we source all of our gems from the finest distributors in the region. We’ll expertly match the cut, color, clarity, and value of your jewelry piece’s stones and ensure a natural and consistent look is retained throughout the piece. All our restorations are backed by JISO service standards, and we stand behind our work. Our team has over 90 years of combined experience, and we’ll strive to ensure you’re more than happy with the results.

Affordable jewelry stone resetting services

At Forsythe Jewelers, we’re happy to offer affordable jewelry and stone setting, repairs, restorations, and custom jewelry design. We’ve served Pittsford, NY and the greater Rochester area for over 90 years, and in that time we’ve developed sustained relationships with many of our customers. We can effectively repair any ring, bracelet, earrings, broach, or estate jewelry item with meticulous care and craftsmanship. We use only the finest materials, and we source all of our gemstones from JISO certified distributors. We can match any style, size, shape, and color of stones in your settings or create a unique jewelry item that will fit perfectly. When you want competitive pricing on expert jewelry resetting and restoration services, we’re your best choice.

Contact us today for more information about our stone replacement services.