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Pittsford’s Jewelry Repair Experts

Jewelry is more than a focal point or wearable accessory; it reflects your tastes and embodies cherished memories. For over 90 years, Forsythe Jewelers has been providing the finest jewelry repairs and restorations in Pittsford, NY and throughout the Rochester area. We specialize in fixing broken jewelry and our team of certified jewelers has the expertise to restore any ring, necklace, or family heirloom with precision and care. We stand behind our work. From diamond setting and chair repair to pearl restringing and prong and band resizing, we can ensure your jewelry fits comfortably, looks fantastic, and lasts a lifetime. We also offer custom jewelry design and appraisal services. Contact us today for more information.

Diamond setting and chain repair

How a diamond sits on your ring or how a bracelet feels on your wrist is as essential as how it looks. Fine jewelry is just as susceptible to wear and tear as anything you own, so to keep it looking its best and ensure your pieces aren’t damaged or lost, consider visiting Forsythe Jewelers. We can ensure your diamonds are seated and secure, and we offer expert band and chain repair that will restore any bracelet or chain, no matter its size or material. Our certified jewelers have experience with all manner of styles, including link chains (like rope and cable chains) and herringbone chains, and we stand behind our work.

Pearl restringing and reknotting

Sometimes the most delicate jewelry needs an expert hand to keep it functional, wearable, and beautiful to behold. If you have a favorite pearl necklace, bracelet or heirloom you can no longer use due to age or damage, visit us in Pittsford, NY. We can restring your pearls with precision and ensure your newly restored piece looks amazing and lasts for years to come. We also offer resizing services to adjust any unique piece to better fit your figure. At Forsythe Jewelers, we understand how cherished your jewelry is, and we’ll strive to see it refitted with the greatest of care. Call us today to learn how we can best serve you.

Full family heirloom restorations

Family heirlooms and estate jewelry are often passed down over generations and can be very challenging to clean and repair due to age, delicacy, and the materials used in its initial fabrication. At Forsythe Jewelers, we take the utmost care in ensuring all elements of your heirlooms remain undamaged during our cleaning and repair process. Whether these pieces contain specialty cut gemstones or finely crafted links and contours, we can precisely match any missing or partially damaged element of your jewelry, ensuring the cut, color, and quality of stones or features used remains consistent with the original piece. Our certified jewelers are meticulous with heat-sensitive materials, and we stand behind all our work. From simple stone replacements to extensive restorations, we’ll strive to make your jewelry’s original detailed metalwork and gemstones stand out and look fantastic.

Contact us today for more information about jewelry repair.