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Pittsford’s Jewelry Appraisal Specialists

A jewelry appraisal is an important way to protect your investment in your jewelry pieces, and you won’t find more accurate assessments than at Forsythe Jewelers. Whether you need an appraisal for insurance purposes or to set a dollar value to your unique pieces, we can ensure your jewelry is assessed with the utmost accuracy and care. Our certified jewelers utilize the finest gemological equipment at the highest of industry standards, and we pride ourselves on our assessments. We maintain healthy relationships with all significant diamond and jewelry vendors, and we’ve built a reputation over the past 90 years for impeccable work. Contact us today to schedule an appraisal.

The importance of having your jewelry appraised

Whether you’re looking for a jewelry appraisal to set a selling price for your pieces or simply need it for insurance purposes, we’re happy to offer certified appraisal services for a reasonable price. A jewelry appraisal is always recommended when you purchase or own any beautiful jewelry piece. A certified and documented appraisal is required for insurance replacements should your piece be lost, destroyed, or stolen, or if you plan on holding an estate sale and want to get the best possible price for an item. Do you have a jewelry keepsake you’d like to know the value of? Our jewelers utilize the latest JISO international standards, and we’ll ensure your pieces are handled with the utmost care. Find out more by contacting us today.

Our jewelry appraisal process

Our appraisal process will ensure you have documented proof of the value of your jewelry items. The process begins with making an inventory of all selected jewelry pieces you leave with us, the gemstones that are attached to these pieces, and any significant distinguishing features of the pieces. Once your jewelry has been cataloged, it will be stored in our highly secure vault until our expert jewelers can assess its worth. During the valuation, we utilize the latest gemological equipment and the highest JISO standards to provide an accurate estimate of your items worth. We’ll then thoroughly clean your jewelry pieces before returning them to your care along with the certified documentation. We pride ourselves on accurate appraisals, and we’re happy to accommodate any special request.

Our team of professional jewelers

At Forsythe Jewelers, we’ve built a reputation for providing reliable jewelry services and expertise. Our team of certified professional jewelers has over 90 years of combined experience designing, crafting, restoring, and appraising fine jewelry. We utilize the latest JISO standards in all our appraisals, and we stand behind our restoration and design work. We can accurately assess and document the value of your rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and estate jewelry, and we’ll ensure you’re more than satisfied with the results we provide. Ensure the security and value of your signature jewelry pieces when you visit Forsythe Jewelers today.

Contact us today for more information about our jewelry appraisal services.