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Looking for Custom Engagement Rings in Pittsford, NY?

Forsythe Jewelers Explains Our Custom Design Process

Once you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and you’re ready to propose marriage, the rest is easy, right? The hunt for the perfect engagement ring can be frustrating and overwhelming. If you’ve walked into our Pittsford jewelry store near Rochester, NY, you probably know there are many dazzling rings to choose from, all with different diamond cuts, setting styles, and price points. You’re probably familiar with the four C’s of diamond shopping, but which is the most important to your cause? With such a diverse selection vying for your attention and hard-earned cash, you’re probably more than a little anxious about buying the wrong ring. After all, if your partner ends up hating it, will they reject your proposal? Have you ever thought about eliminating some of that stress and guesswork and discovering the peace of mind in designing your own custom engagement ring?

The Benefits of Getting a Customized Engagement Ring

You’re probably asking yourself why you would need to create an engagement ring with so many exquisite pieces already in existence. Here are a few of the many benefits of getting a custom engagement ring at Forsythe Jewelers:

  • Convenience – Shopping around for your engagement ring can be a tedious process, whether you’re doing it online or in person at your local jewelry stores. If you can’t wait that long to propose, creating a custom ring design eliminates all of that unnecessary browsing and cuts right to the chase. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and stress, so you can focus more of your energy into drafting a creative proposal!
  • Commitment – Many partners are flattered when they find out how much thought and research went into the custom engagement ring design process. It’s not only a symbol of your love but also one of your commitment to taking the time to do things right.
  • One-of-a-Kind – Many of our customers enjoy the experience of creating a one-of-a-kind token of their affection. Designing your own ring allows you to make it a reflection of your partner’s style and personality while also giving it some meaning and added personal value. Maybe your partner would rather have a gemstone in their favorite color or their birthstone instead of the traditional white diamond. Now’s your chance to play around with the endless possibilities!
  • Attention to Detail – When you have a custom engagement ring crafted, there’s a lot of attention to detail that goes into its design. When you opt to have a custom ring created at Forsythe Jewelers, you’ll end up with a high-quality ring crafted by some of the most skilled jewelers in the Pittsford and Rochester, NY area.
  • More Bling for Your Buck – It’s often easier to stick within your engagement ring budget when you work with us to create a custom piece than it is to select one off the showroom floor. You have more control over which of the four C’s are most essential for your ring design. For example, we can cut costs on the clarity or the color according to your specifications.

From Your Engagement Ring Design Concept to a Complete Model

In business since 1927, Forsythe Jewelers understands that no two couples are alike. Nor are their needs when it comes to finding the ideal engagement ring to express their unique love story. That’s why we offer custom engagement rings for Pittsford and Rochester, NY-area couples. Our custom engagement ring design process begins with a big idea (okay, it’s probably more like several big ideas). We combine all of your thoughts, wants, and sketches or drawings into an exclusive custom design concept.

Next, we’ll create a model or computer image of your engagement ring. Our experienced jewelers will help you make any changes to your model, assisting with selecting the center diamond and the best setting to complement its style. Once all of the final adjustments have been made to your satisfaction, we’ll craft your custom engagement ring. Once it’s ready and you’ve made the payment arrangements, you’ll be able to take it home and prepare for your one-of-a-kind proposal. It’s that simple!

Contact Us to Get the Custom Engagement Ring Process Started

Would you like to learn more about our custom engagement ring design process in Pittsford, NY? Contact Forsythe Jewelers to get started with a custom quote today. Even if you have no clue as to where, to begin with your design, our bridal jewelry experts are here to guide you from the concept to the completion of your beautiful, distinctive piece. You’ve found the love of your life, now design the ideal engagement ring to prove your undying devotion!