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Pittsford’s Custom Jewelry Design Service

When it comes to choosing the right engagement ring or finding a unique jewelry item that best reflects your loved one’s tastes, there’s no better choice than a custom designed and fabricated jewelry from Forsythe Jewelers. We utilize the latest computer-aided drafting techniques to create stylish and beautiful rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. Our designers can incorporate details up to a fraction of an inch, and we’ll ensure the final jewelry items not only meets your needs but exceeds your expectations. Give the one you love a signature piece that will stand out and be cherished for a lifetime by connecting with us today.

Stylish jewelry design

Our custom designed jewelry pieces are painstakingly handmade to best embody the unique qualities of the person who will wear the jewelry. We’ll work with your design ideas, sketches, and photos to create a stunning ring, necklace, or other jewelry piece, and we can incorporate any beautiful gemstone or material into its fabrication. Our artisans have over 90 years of combined experience with goldsmithing, titanium smithing, stone setting, and metalwork, and we’ll ensure you’re more than satisfied with the results. We’ve created countless stylish pieces for our clients and we’re happy to accommodate any special request. Contact us today.

Custom made jewelry settings

Whether you’re looking for a simple, sleek setting in an engagement ring or you want to create a luxurious signature bracelet or broach, we can create original jewelry pieces that will be structurally sound and beautiful to behold. We source our gemstones from the finest distributors, and we utilize the latest JISO standards when fitting them into bands, brooches, earrings, and bracelets. Our team of licensed and certified jewelers can incorporate any design element you’d like into the final fabrication of the jewelry, and we’re happy to size it perfectly. Give a gift that’s unique, stylish, and stunning when you work with our custom jewelry designers today.

Extensive jewelry options

Are you searching for a perfect ring for an engagement? Do you have a pendant in mind but can’t seem to find the right style in any of the big box stores? We can help. As Pittsford’s leading jewelry service, we have over 90 years of experience creating signature rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, and more. We utilize the latest computer-aided design software and timeless artisan techniques to create custom designed jewelry that will retain its value and look stunning for a lifetime. We can create almost any jewelry setting and style from virtually any material, and we have access to a massive inventory of quality gemstones and diamonds with a wide variety of cuts, colors, shades, and sizes. Give your loved one a unique and beautiful gift unlike any other by scheduling a jewelry design consultation with us now.

Contact us today for more information about our custom jewelry design services.