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Quality Jewelry Services in Pittsford, NY

With three generations of experience, Forsythe Jewelers provides reliable and skilled jewelry services in Pittsford, NY. Read on to learn how our professional jewelers can restore or appraise older jewelry, repair broken pieces, create custom designs, and more.

Ladies Estate Platinum & 14K White Gold, 0.71ct Enhanced Fancy Yellow Center Diamond with 2.5ctw Diamond Pendant

Jewelry Restoration

If you have antique jewelry that’s not looking its best, we can restore your piece to its original luster and brilliance. Our jewelry restoration services include:

  • Cleaning
  • Stone re-cutting
  • Lost stone replacement
  • Polishing
  • Improper seam correction
  • Broken chain repair
  • And more

After Forsythe Jewelers repairs your piece, you’ll find your jewelry is as beautiful as the day it was bought. Restore a family heirloom, an old brooch, or an outdated wedding ring. Whatever you need, we’ll provide gentle and thorough restorative care.

Jewelry Repair

When a stone falls out of a ring or a few links of your necklace break, it can be easy to get upset. Instead of assuming the worst, head over to Forsythe Jewelers and let our experts take a look. We offer jewelry repair services that include custom design work, chain repair, and more. We’ll restore your piece to its ultimate beauty, creating invisible seams for a mark-free, perfectly fitting accent.

See our jewelry repair services!

Custom Design

Are you searching for a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your unique personality? We can help. With custom jewelry design services, our specialists will work with you to design a customized piece to your exact specifications. All our jewelry is set by hand and finished by our experienced jewelers, resulting in an incredible wearable piece of art. Whether your design is straightforward or more complex, Forsythe Jewelers provides the same exceptional craftsmanship to all of our clients. Visit us today in Pittsford, NY, to learn how we can assist you.

See our custom jewelry design services!

Ring Sizing

Without proper sizing, a beautiful ring can easily be lost or left behind. Don’t take that chance. We’re proud to offer ring sizing services to ensure your piece fits correctly. Whether you’re purchasing a ring for yourself or looking for an engagement ring or another gift, we’ll help you figure out the right size based on given measurements. Create the ultimate statement with a perfectly fitting ring!

See our ring sizing services!

Stone Replacement

Realizing you’ve lost a stone can be disheartening, but luckily, it’s a relatively easy fix! While we realize we can’t replace the original stone, we have a large collection of gorgeous loose stones and can certainly find one that fits your piece. Our professional jewelers will seamlessly incorporate the new stone with existing gems for a gorgeous piece you’ll be thrilled to wear.

See our stone replacement services!

Jewelry Appraisal

Are you curious about the value of a piece of jewelry received from a family member or acquired from an antique shop? If you, like many others, want to know the value of a piece and wish to have it appraised, our two Certified Gemologists at Forsythe Jewelers will be happy to provide a valid inspection and jewelry appraisal to discover the true worth of your jewelry.

Call 585-586-5954 to learn about our jewelry services!

See our jewelry appraisal services!

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