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Customer Reviews

Forsythe went above and beyond my expectations. I initially dreaded shopping for an engagement ring, but Matt spent hours (over the course of a month) educating me about diamonds and showing me various options and combinations. I live out of town and Matt and his team were very flexible in accommodating my schedule. I loved that they were able to completely customize our ring – they loaned me (at no additional charge) a beautiful “placeholder” setting so that I could propose and then come back with my fiancé a few weeks later and choose a final setting together. We ended up designing the perfect engagement ring, and the diamond we used has a unique story that adds to its appeal. I was dead-set on buying a ring online (lower prices, less hassle) but I’m now a firm believer in seeing the diamonds in person and having an expert walk you through the process. Thank you, Forsythe!

David Elman

My mom, grandma, and great grandma have been going to Forsythe Jewlers for years! They have a great selection of jewelry and do great work! My fiancé and I recently went in the shop and were very impressed! Matt, Susan, and Liz were fantastic! They were so sweet, timely, and very helpful! I highly recommend!

Evalyn Myerly

Wonderful job on a custom piece, their service and creative design are truly excellent. Well worth it!

Keith Osgood

The owner Matt is very knowledgeable and friendly as well as his staff. Great selection and service.

Mike X

Matt made my old jewelry new again! Thank you.

Laurie Fox Brown

I needed to get my watch fitted last minute for a wedding I'm in and gave them a ring (call) because it was on the way to the rehearsal dinner. I asked if they could re size my watch and they said, yeah but the owner leaves in 15 minutes, can you be here? I said, shoot, no, I won't be able to make it. She said well, if you can get here in 30, he'll stay. He stayed and got me taken care of before the big day. Everyone was very friendly too.

Matt Fig

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